About Casually Retro

Guild Tabard

Casually Retro is an Alliance Guild located on the Ravencrest Server.  We are a guild for working adults, students and people who love to play World of Warcraft but still have lives.  
We are looking for people who love playing wow, but believe that real life comes first.  Our idea of fun can be anything from a naked pvp  to end game raiding in a relaxed manner.    Adult talk is allowed, however we require respect from all of our members.

What We are Looking for

-Mature players who are interested in seeing all the game has to offer.

-Players who want to have fun raiding or leveling without pressure.

-Ability to play independently, while we all like help begging for gold,instance runs or whining in gchat is not accepted.

-Commitment to being an active guild member.

-Retired Raiders & Altoholics especially welcome


Guild Events

While we are a small guild we are active.  Our weekly schedule is:

Sunday - raiding (we’re currently working on  Normal Trial of Valor)

Monday - Mythic +

Friday - Mythics/ World Boss/Helping Level alts

Ongoing - WOW ironman challenege (reroll an alt, can’t die, can only wear whites and greys)

Occasional  - Old school raid runs for mounts and achievements


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em